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Book yourself a local London cleaner to iron out all those creases!

Ironing is one those tasks that we all wish we could do but never have the time for. Instead, many of us go out to work or to formal events with embarrassingly creased clothes. But sometimes we really need to make sure we look extra special and that’s where Helpling steps in. Helpling is Europe’s No. 1 online marketplace for finding domestic cleaning services and ironing is one of the many domestic tasks we can help arrange.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try it yourself, it’s unbelievably easy. All you need to do to get started is put your postcode into the search bar and Helpling will automatically let you know how many cleaners there are in your local area. It’s so easy, in fact, you can even do it all from your phone. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a shirt ironing service your after or if you need every piece of fabric in your home ironed, Helpling is bound to be able to find you the right service.

What our customers say

“I found Lidia through Helpling and she is now working for us on a weekly basis. I found out about Helpling through a Google search of ‘Dublin 1 Cleaner’, I’d never heard of it before but loving it! Great Idea!”

Claire Alexander


“Helpling… I really fell in love with it. This is a great service, incredibly well done.”

Jason Calacanis


“Absolutely love the cleaner. If it weren’t for Helpling I probably would have spent several more years wanting to get a cleaner but not really knowing where to start looking.”

Johanna Pfeifer


Remarkably fast booking, get the ironing arranged in minutes

After you’ve tested your postcode and found that there are indeed plenty of cleaners in your local area, you can start booking one to take care of your ironing. To get your booking moving, you need to let us know when you need a cleaner and how regularly you need them. If you just need your shirts ironed once, then make sure you select the one off option. If you want something more regular, you can choose between weekly or fortnightly. Now that’s sorted, you can pick from the available cleaners, all of which are rated out of 5 stars based on their performance on previous jobs.

To finish off your booking, all you need to do is confirm your payment details. Payments are totally secure and can be made either by debit card or credit card. And, because we put your happiness first, we won’t process the payment until the service is completed.

Book a local London ironing service that handles your clothes the way you like

Now you’re all booked it’s crucial that you get in contact with your new cleaner and let them know that it’s specifically ironing that you’re looking for (though you can include as many services as you might need). This way they won’t be surprised when they arrive.

When your cleaner makes their first (or only) visit, be sure to personally greet them and discuss what needs ironing and what doesn’t, as well as any preferences you might have over how certain linens, shirts or other fabrics are ironed and handled. After you come to an agreement, the ironing can begin!

Also, don’t forget, Helpling is always right by your side! Any issues, suggestions or complaints, our dedicated customer service will always listen to you. On top of that, if you and your new cleaner aren’t working out, you can always replace them with another in minutes.