Contactless Cleaning: Our Response To Covid-19.
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How to receive cleaning offers

1. Register & create your free profile

Register on our site for free in just a few quick and easy steps! Answer a few questions to complete your profile and upload a photo of your ID. To attract more potential clients and make your profile stand out, we recommend you upload a friendly profile picture!

2. Accept cleaning offers

Once your profile has been activated, you will start receiving the cleaning offers in your area. The offers will be sent to you via push notifications from the Helpling Partner app, via SMS or via email - whichever you prefer! You have the power to decide which offers you accept, allowing you to build up the work around your schedule.

3. Earn money

As a self-employed service provider, you decide how much you get paid by clients per hour. You can adapt your hourly payout in your online profile anytime. To help you decide on the appropriate payout, your online profile provides an overview of the average payouts of other cleaners in your area. All of your payments are processed securely online, into your bank account, within 7-10 working days from the booking date.

About Helpling:

What is Helpling?

Helpling is Europe's leading online marketplace for household services. We are here to connect self-employed service providers with potential clients via the Helpling platform. As a cleaner on Helpling, you benefit from instant, unlimited access to new cleaning offers in your area. No need to spend any more time searching for job opportunities or writing cover letters: the Helpling platform offers access to a wide range of offers from new clients every day!

Helplings international success

Helpling is revolutionizing the household services market across 9 countries with its business model. Hundreds of thousands of households around the world have found their independent cleaner through the Helpling platform. Over 90 percent of customers book regular cleans, which take place weekly or fortnightly. Due to this incredible demand, we are always looking for new cleaners to join us and earn money via our platform!


How do I receive cleaning offers?

The offers will be sent to you via push notifications from the Helpling Partner app, via SMS or via email - whichever you prefer! For complete flexibility, you get to decide which offers you accept.

Who will provide the cleaning materials?

You do not need to bring any cleaning materials with you, they will be provided by the customer at the property. Before you go ahead with the clean, check with your customer which cleaning products are available and if all the necessary equipment (such as a vacuum cleaner or a mop) works properly.

Does Helpling mediate cleaning services in households or offices as well?

On the helpling platform - 90 percent of the clients are looking for cleaning help around their household. Office cleaning, on the other hand, is an exception and is rarely sought after.

What does self-employment mean?

As a self-employed service provider, you are your own boss and manage your own micro-business. You decide where, when and what cleaning offers you accept and at which hourly rate. To work independently in the UK, you require the relevant right to work document. Taking care of your own health insurance and taxes falls under your responsibility.

Are you looking for cleaning jobs in your area? Our platform has thousands of customers searching for a cleaner like you.

Helpling is Europe’s leading online marketplace for home services As a self-employed cleaner, you can quickly, and flexibly find new cleaning offers around you. More than 10.000 cleaners worldwide use the Helpling platform.

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