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How Helpling works

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1. Become a cleaner

Enter your details on the website

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2. Interview stage

Go through a phone and a face-to-face interview stage

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3. Attend presentation

Provide the requested documentation and discover more about the platform

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4. Go live

Start receiving cleaning work in your area


Helpling is the leading marketplace for cleaning services in the UK. We‘re not a cleaning agency or cleaning company. We‘re an itermediary platform that matches self-employed cleaners like you with customers in your area.

Helpling helps you find customers in your local area at times that suit you

In order to receive the best offers for you it’s very important that you:

  1. Keep your diary up to date including any holidays
  2. Let us know if you are willing to travel further for work
  3. Remember having more hours available or being able to work in different areas will boost your earnings!

Read through ALL of the information before accepting the job

  1. Time and date
  2. Frequency
  3. Are cleaning materials required?
  4. Pets
  5. Any special requests

If you are happy then click the accept button or reply Yes to the SMS
If this job isn’t right for you don’t worry we always have new job requests, you can just click Decline or reply No to the SMS

  1. Helpling helps you find new customers in your area!
  2. ALWAYS keep your calendar up to date
  3. Increase your availability or areas of work to make more money!
  4. ALWAYS check all the information before accepting a job

You can also easily contact us at [email protected]

Yes. You are insured in the unlikely event of theft up to 5,000 euros for each cleaning appointment. You can find detailed information here. If you have any questions, the customer support will be happy to help.

Your questions have not yet been answered?

Feel free to visit our support page or contact customer service via email [email protected].