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How Helpling works

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1. Before the appointment

Prepare for your customer

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2. During the booking

Request to be shown around

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3. After the cleaning

Ask for feedback


1. First time at the property
Check directions for the property
Ask customer for key arrangement

2. Customer’s cleaning priorities

Ask questions regarding the cleaning list
Make recommendations and suggestions

1. Meet and greet your customer
Arrive early to meet your new customer
Break the ice and introduce yourself

2. Ask to be shown around the house
Request to take a tour of the house
Ask customer if there are any sensitive areas or fragile items in the house

3. Point to cleaning notes
Ask customer to explain their cleaning list
Check cleaning materials – make sure you have all you need for all cleaning duties

1. Verbal feedback
If your customer is present during the clean, ask them what they think of your work

2. Written feedback
Kindly ask your customer to leave feedback on your account on the Helpling platform.

3. Ratings
Don’t forget about the ratings – they also count. The more 5-stars you receive the more likely you are to attract more customers, leading to more income.

Yes. You are insured in the unlikely event of theft up to 5,000 euros for each cleaning appointment. You can find detailed information here. If you have any questions, the customer support will be happy to help.

Your questions have not yet been answered?

Feel free to visit our support page or contact customer service via email [email protected].