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Helpling: House Cleaners Near Me in Reading Found Instantly

Domestic cleaners in Reading are just a few clicks away with Helpling

Is your home starting to get a little grimy around the edges? Or maybe you’re feeling like that pile of dishes never really goes away? Then you probably need some help. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Reading that means you can find domestic cleaning services in seconds with Helpling.

Helpling is the No. 1 online marketplace for hiring house cleaning services. Any domestic cleaner in Reading found through us is 100% trustworthy and insured. Helpling has conquered Reading by being the fastest and easiest way to book a cleaner. It’s too easy. All you need to do is enter your postcode in the search bar and Helpling will let you know how many Reading cleaners are in your local area. You can even do it using your phone with our mobile app.

Book domestic cleaning services in Reading now!

Book cleaning services in Reading with ease

So, you’ve entered your postcode and let us know what kind of service you’re looking for - one off or regular - and when you will need a cleaner. You will immediately see that there a masses of cleaners out there just waiting to be hired. Lucky you. Helpling will then reveal the cleaners that are available to you and you can pick the one you think is best for you based on their ratings of past cleanings and hourly wage rate.

Almost done! Just one last thing - your payment details. Don’t worry it’s as painless as the rest of the procedure. Payments can be made with either debit or credit card, or even PayPal. They are totally secure and we won’t process anything until we know the job done was satisfactory. No more searching online ‘find a cleaner near me’!

Find a cleaner in Reading who cleans the way you need them to

Now you’ve got local Reading cleaning services booked via Helpling! That’s awesome. Helpling recommends that at this stage you get in contact with them and let them know what kind of cleaning services you’re looking for. For example, if you are just looking for vacuuming or kitchen cleaning, among a number of other possible tasks. Then, when the big day of cleaning arrives, you should personally greet them and give them a casual tour to get them used to the new environment. The two of you should then come to an agreement on how the cleaning should be handled and you should provide them with the required cleaning supplies and it can start.

Do not have any cleaning supplies? Do not despair you can buy the right cleaning supplies in our online shop.

If for whatever reason you and your cleaner aren’t working out, you can always change them for another in a matter of minutes. On top of that, Helpling’s dedicated customer service is always there to hear you out if you have any issues, concerns or suggestions. House cleaning in Reading has never been booked so easily.

Services in Reading

The Reading cleaners registered on the Helpling platform offer every cleaning service you could need. They‘ll make every part of your home shine by taking care of
Additional services
As a new customer, you can request additional services via the Helpling website when you make your first booking. If you are already a customer, please use the message function in your profile. This way, you can communicate your assigned cleaner directly with specific cleaning tasks.
Refrigerator cleaning

Domestic cleaners near me have never been so easy to locate

With Helpling you will be able to find any kind of cleaning service in Reading. Helpling covers the whole RG1 postcode area, including all these lovely places:

Abbey, Battle, Caversham, Church, Katesgrove, Kentwood, Mapledurham, Minster, Norcot, Park, Peppard, Redlands, Southcote, Thames, Tilehurst, Whitley, And More!

Still feel like you might not be included? You can still try your postcode and Helpling will instantly answer that all-important question ‘are there cleaning services near me?’. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for cleaners in Reading, UK, or Reading on the Moon, Helpling is the best place to look for them. On top of it all, if we can’t find you a cleaner you’ll know right away. We won’t waste your time getting you to sign up if we can’t help.

What our customers say

I found Lidia through Helpling and she is now working for us on a weekly basis. I found out about Helpling through a Google search of ‘Blackheath Cleaner’, I'd never heard of it before but loving it! Great Idea!
Helpling… I really fell in love with it. This is a great service, incredibly well done.
Absolutely love the cleaner. If it weren’t for Helpling I probably would have spent several more years wanting to get a cleaner but not really knowing where to start looking.
Claire Alexander
Jason Calacanis
Johanna Pfeifer

Book Domestic Cleaning in Reading in Literally Minutes