Hassle.com Tidies up Hiring a Cleaner in Ireland

Dublin | July 7th, 2014
  • Hassle.com helps busy professionals to find and book trusted cleaners online in 60 seconds and allows cleaners in Dublin to bid for work in their local area
  • Co-founder and Irish business woman, Jules Coleman, left her consulting job to learn to code and build the first version of the online platform
  • Hassle.com recently raised $6 million in Series A funding from Accel Partners for European market expansion; first stop outside the UK is Dublin, Ireland

Hassle.com (hassle.com/ie), a website that connects busy people to trusted cleaners in their local area, begins its market expansion today by launching in Dublin, Ireland.

Hassle.com is disrupting the billion-dollar cleaning services market for the home by bringing the process of finding, booking and paying for a cleaner online. Hassle.com’s mission is to help busy people reclaim their free time and maintain a calm, clean and happy home.

The introduction of Hassle.com means that people looking for a reliable, trusted cleaner no longer have to badger their friends for recommendations or deal with localised cleaning services where customers are assigned an unknown cleaner after a time-consuming and admin-heavy process.

The European rollout commences with the launch in Ireland, with Dublin being the first city ahead of nationwide access later in the year, and comes just months after securing $6 million in funding from heavyweight European venture capital group, Accel Partners, and is spearheaded by co-founder and Irish business woman, Jules Coleman, COO at Hassle.com and fellow co-founders Alex Depledge, (CEO) and Tom Nimmo (CTO) .

How customers book a cleaner on Hassle.com

At Hassle.com customers simply type in their area code and browse through cleaner profiles and customer reviews before shortlisting the cleaners that best suit their needs.

The platform encourages customers to build relationships with their cleaner to eliminate frustrations and ensure that the cleaner plumps cushions and cleans the bathroom just how the customer likes it done. The process, from landing on the site to booking a cleaner, takes less than 60 seconds and costs just €12 per hour in Dublin.

How the platform works for cleaners

Hassle.com gives cleaners in Dublin a chance to bid for work in their local area via the online platform. This allows them have control over the hours they work and enables them to have access to a steady flow of jobs eliminating the need for cleaners to use shop window advertising, listings or flyers. Finding work via the marketplace takes out the agency ‘middle man’ enabling the cleaners to earn more and focus on their clients, and also removes the chance of late payments as the cleaners are paid on a daily basis.

Co-founder and Irish business-woman, Jules Coleman who gave up a career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and taught herself to code to build the first version of platform – believes Hassle.com is a great opportunity for cleaners in Dublin to gain more customers: “We’ve seen cleaners progress from one or two cleaning jobs a day to being fully booked and in constant demand. We're excited about delivering these job opportunities to cleaners in Dublin and are confident that consumers will benefit immensely from our service too.

"We choose Dublin, Ireland as our first market outside of the UK for several reasons. The city has a great deal of early adopters who embrace technology, many cleaners are looking for more work particularly as the economic outlook improves, and we have good market insight given that I'm Irish. We’re incredibly excited about officially launching in this vibrant city today,” concludes Jules.

Philippe Botteri, Partner at Accel Partners, comments: “We have been very impressed by the strength of the founding team and their passion for building a simple and exciting service for both cleaners and consumers. The momentum since launch has been staggering and we are very excited to support Hassle’s fast expansion across the UK and Europe.”

Hassle.com is a graduate of the UK accelerator programme Springboard (now known as TechStars London).

Homeowners and cleaners can register at Hassle.com.


About Hassle.com

Hassle.com is an online marketplace that matches busy working professionals with local trusted cleaners for the home. It allows people to find, book and pay for a cleaner’s time via its online platform.

Simply visit www.hassle.com, type in your postcode and choose a cleaner that suits your needs. Cleaners on the Hassle.com platform charge from £10 per hour in the UK and a flat rate of €12 per hour in Dublin.

Hassle.com secured $6 million in Series A funds from heavyweight European Venture Capital Group, Accel Partners in April 2014. Founded by three former managament consultants, Alex Depledge, Jules Coleman and Tom Nimmo, Hassle.com launched in early 2013.

Hassle.com is a graduate of the UK accelerator programme, Springboard (now known as TechStars London) and won Start-Up of the Year at Tech City Awards in 2013.

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