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One off cleaning services or regular cleaning services? Helpling can arrange it all

House cleaning is always such a chore! We’d all rather be doing something else we enjoy, especially after a long day at work. Time to relax is crucial. That’s where Helpling steps in, Europe’s No. 1 online marketplace for finding local cleaners for your home.

Maybe it’s a particular part of your home that needs to be cleaned, like the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen? Maybe you need specific cleaning tasks done like vacuuming and dusting, floor cleaning, washing the dishes, rubbish removal, oven cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning, or just a general tidying up? Or maybe it’s actually a combination of a few of these? With Helpling you can find the right domestic cleaner to get it done. Even deep cleaning services can be booked!

What our customers say

“I found Lidia through Helpling and she is now working for us on a weekly basis. I found out about Helpling through a Google search of ‘Dublin 1 Cleaner’, I’d never heard of it before but loving it! Great Idea!”

Claire Alexander


“Helpling… I really fell in love with it. This is a great service, incredibly well done.”

Jason Calacanis


“Absolutely love the cleaner. If it weren’t for Helpling I probably would have spent several more years wanting to get a cleaner but not really knowing where to start looking.”

Johanna Pfeifer


House cleaning services booked at lightning speeds

With us, you can book regular home cleaning services (weekly or fortnightly) to keep your home constantly clean. Don’t waste your time booking and rebooking a cleaner whenever there’s a mess. You might end up using different cleaners every time!

Booking a scheduled cleaner is super easy with Helpling. You can even do it via your phone if you prefer! Once you’ve popped your postcode into the search bar and found tonnes of cleaners right on your doorstep, you can start booking. All you need to do is select how often you will need your cleaner and when the first clean will be. After that, you will be able to select a cleaner based on Helpling’s clever rating system.

The only thing that’s left is your payment details and the booking procedure is complete. All payments are totally secure and can be made with credit or debit card. Helpling also puts your happiness first and won’t take any money from you until we know the cleaning service is completed.

Book a routine for the cleaning services you need

Congratulations! You’ve now placed your booking inquiry and it probably took you only a minute or two. As soon as you are matched with your cleaner, it’s the time to get in contact. If you’re looking for a specific service, let them know what it is you need cleaned. This is quite important to outline so they will not be surprised. Helpling also recommends that you personally greet them for the first clean. This way you can show them what needs to be cleaned and what can be left. It’s also a good idea to give them a heads up about any additional information about your home that might be relevant.

Once the two of you come to a decision on how your home needs to be cleaned, your cleaning routine can begin! Helpling is still here though if you need us. Our dedicated customer service team will always listen to any issues or suggestions you might have. We can also help by ensuring your cleaning service is constant if your cleaner is on holiday or sick. Feeling like you and your cleaner just aren’t working out? No problem, we can rearrange a new one in minutes.